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About Us

Rough Collies are important to Tina’s life. When Tina was growing up, she had a Rough Collie named Max, who was her best friend. He would watch TV with her, lay beside her when she was doing her homework, and love to play. Max was highly intelligent and affectionate. A true companion!

Kevin’s experience with dogs comes from when he used to show Newfoundlands and Rottweilers, both of which earned many conformation awards such as Best of Breeds. Not only that, but his Newfies held US and Canada champion titles and many awards in the International Weight Pulling Champions.

Together, we decided to become Rough Collie breeders, which built Northwest Collies. Our goal is to work with our Collies to improve the breed. Everyone has either grown up with a Collie or knows someone who has grown up with one. We would like to make the Collie breed popular again by showing how Collies are dependable companions.

We perform genetic testing on their Sires and Dams before they are considered part of our breeding program. Any dog that is affected will not be part of the breeding schedule. The collies in our breeding program will be in good health and free from contagious diseases. Our Sires have assisted several local breeders to further and improve their lines as well.

Our Collies are tested for the following Health Related/Disease Conditions :

1) Collie Eye Anomaly (Choroidal Hypoplasia)
2) PRA Test (Rod-Cone Dysplasia Type 2)
3) Multidrug Sensitivity
4) Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrome)
5) Hips and Elbow Dysplasia
6) Canine DMS (Dermatomyositis)
7) Brucellosis

Our puppies are especially meaningful to us, and we give them all the attention and care needed so they can have the best start to a happy and healthy life. 

A few more things :

  • Our puppies will not be sold with any known defects in health or temperament.

  • We will provide the new owner with a health record and an inoculation schedule.

  • Puppies are released to the new owner when they are eight weeks of age (no exceptions).

  • The puppies will be able to receive AKC Limited Registration.

  • The puppy must be spayed or neutered before they are nine months of age.

Adopt your fur-ever friend today!

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